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96Boards Nitrogen UART on MAC OS X

Hopefully easy question, I have successfully hooked up my Nitrogen yo my Mac and programmed at HEX file. I’m just a little puzzled on how to access the UART. The documentation reads as if there should be a USB UART provided by the LPC device on the board, is this correct and how can I access it from the Mac? I can also see that there is a physical UART on the board, is that the only one?

Replying to myself :slight_smile: I worked it out, for others that may be similarly confused. The serial port appears on my Mac running high sierra on /dev/cu.usbmodem1452 and can be accessed with : minicom -D /dev/cu.usbmodem1452 -b 115200

Yes typically, nrf based boards, including CMSIS-DAP (for flashing/debugging), provide UART over usb interface via CDC ACM class exposed as /dev/ttyACMX on linux and seemingly /dev/usbmodemX on Mac OS X…

You can use any other UART as zephyr debugging by configuring the board dts (boards/arm/96b_nitrogen/96b_nitrogen.dts)

chosen {
zephyr,console = &uart0;
zephyr,sram = &sram0;
zephyr,flash = &flash0;

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