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410c Supported bootmodes

Seems like 410c have on-board eMMC and SD card support, does it support both the bootmodes
or any other boot modes?

The DB410c can boot from either the eMMC or the SD Card. The order of this can be selected by the S6 Switch on the back of the board. See the Connectors/Switch section of the wiki Installation guide for further clarification. There is also another chapter entitled “Optional Boot Method” in the wiki doc that you may want to look at that describes how to boot using fastboot.
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Just to add a clarification: Though it’s possible to boot from SD Card, this would require BL changes that we aren’t currently supporting, so a dev should plan to boot from eMMC for now. We may add support for the SD Card boot of kernel image in the future.

Another request for SD booting ASAP.

I have my DragonBoard 410c’s ordered, and I am used to trying different OS’s and keeping older SD cards around when using my SBC’s.

This would also be very handy if I recompile the kernel, so the NAND would not need to be re-flashed for tests.