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Documentation for <strong>hikey</strong> - 96Boards

Using the hikey

A comprehensive guide to using the hikey Consumer Edition development board. This guide is written by the 96Boards team at Linaro with community contributions and links to third-party content.


  • Installation
    • Choose and install an operating system on your hikey
  • Downloads
    • Already familiar with your 96Boards? Skip the board bring up sections and go straight to your download!
  • Build from Source
    • Instructions for building and flashing the components of your favorite operating systems


  • Getting Started
    • Learn about your hikey board, how to prepare and set up for basic use
  • Useful Guides
    • Execute unique configurations to customize your hikey experience
  • Vendor Documentation
    • Explore what makes your hikey unique, technical specifications, schematics, hardware notes and moreā€¦
  • Support
    • From bug reports and current issues, to forum access and other useful resources, we want to help you find answers
  • Contribute