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HiKey 970 board 3D step model and Gerber board layout, camera interface

Hi all,

I would like to make one daughter board for MIP CSI camera connection to connect external camera to Hikey 970 via extended high Speed Expansion Connector. For that i need to know the hikey 970 board 3D step model and Gerber layout view to make small PCB board.

I have checked in hardware spec and other links but these items were not found.

  1. Hikey 970 Gerber board layout
  2. Hikey 970 3D step model view

Please help me to get this.
Also one suggestion to Hikey board maker, please think of providing direct and standard connector for HS exp connector as currently given as PCB components so we can not make soldering on the board to take out pins, so we bought 60 pin connector that also very tiny one and not much direct useful, hence we have to make a daughter PCB board to take out these pins and connect CSI camera. As camera is one of critical component in infotainment system so everyone is interested to use a camera on Hikey 970. It would have been better if board had female connector as same as Low Speed Expansion Connector. So we could use some jumper wires and take out the pins.

Also, please let me know if you know any suitable camera to connect Hikey 970 so that i will buy the same.
Anyways, its my suggestion only, please check the feasibility.

Thanks and waiting for your valuable feedback.