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Android fastboot

So I can’t seem to get fastboot to load up the Android OS (SD card install works perfectly fine).

I’ve followed the instructions on here: (the bootloader script looks different from the one here:

Anyone else have this problem? If not, what am I doing wrong?


It will help if you let us know the release that you are using.
Also, can you please give more information about the problem?
Is it that you could not detect the device under fastboot mode
or is it that you could detect the device but the flash process
won’t complete?

I am using the most recent one on their website (the links I provided).

Here’s what I did (Mac OS):

  • turn board on to fastboot mode (./fastboot devices shows the device is detected)
  • sudo ./flashall to run the bootloader script
  • flashed boot, system, userdata, recovery, persist, and cache images
  • reboot board

After unplugging it, removing the microUSB cable, and plugging it back in, the board doesn’t start up (it’s cold, no LEDs, nothing on the monitor). I left it plugged in for 10 minutes, unplugged/plugged in again a few times with no luck. I also tried to start the board up in fastboot mode again but that didn’t work either. But I was able to start the board up with an SD card boot (S6 to 0100) and flash the Android OS with a microSD card

I hope this helps. Let me know if you need to know anything else or something wasn’t clear.

Hey rtran,

I think I have the same problem. Did you resolve it?


I’m seeing the same issue when attempting to flash with fastboot on Linux. The SD-card method works (as long as I flash the SD card on Windows, not Linux). I was working with the latest images linked in OP.

I have problems in setting my Dragonboard 401c in the Fastboot mode. I tried both methods: the software method and the hardware method, but none of them worked.
Just to to let you know, I am able to get reply from the board with the command: ./adb devices: 196b2528 device
And also I can execute all the ./adb commands described in the video, and all this works fine. The problem is when I tried to enter into fastboot mode.
I tried the command: ./adb reboot bootloader
It apparently shutdown the dragon board but in the screen attached to the dragon board it says: “No signal” as if the board was powered off, and as long as I wait, it never powered on.
I tried the command: ./fastboot devices
but I got this answer: no permissions fastboot
Maybe is there something that I must enable in the Board in order to put it into fastboot?
To put the board to work I had to disconnect it from the power supply and connected it again. I tried also fastboot with the hardware method, but I got the same result. the screen attached to the board says: “No signal” and the answer to the command ./fastboot devices still "no permissions fastboot.
Please your help…

I had the same problem with the latest 15.12 release but managed to get the board back up and running with the older 15.06 release using fastboot:

I have successfully build Brillo OS for dragonboard410c on my linux machine.
Following .img files are generated:

  1. boot.img
  2. cache.img
  3. userdata.img
  4. system.img
  5. ramdisk.img
    Now,I am trying to boot Brillo Operating System on dragonboard 410c.
    Can anbody tell me what is the booting instructions and command to boot the brillo OS on dragonboard.
    It will helpful for my project.

I am new to this dragon410c platform, Now I created following images from the android build platform
emmc_appboot.mbn,boot.img,cache.img,userdata.img,system.img,persist.img and recovery.img . now if I loaded this all images to the target board its going to Android system Recovery mode<3e>.The size of system.img which created and the default system.img got from the devoloper.qualcome is defferent size around 200MB difference,
Any one know the solution to fix this issue.