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Robotics dragonboard 845c

Currently I am using 410c (Debian) and in search for a more powerful platform. (As 820c discontinued).

I saw a new Robotics dragonboard 845c, but does not seem to have much firmware/software available from
Anyone knows any update for it ?

The board is quite recent, and there is no 96boards/Linaro debian/OE release (for now). You can build/customize your system following the documentation:

Download SDK link does not connect to site

Hi @dilbert168

Every page in the documentation has a button at the bottom to help report problems like this. On this occasion I have reported it for you:

SDK will remain broken. We might get this download from in the coming month. For now, we will remove the LE OS build guide from the DB845c documentation set.

Fixed download link for pre-build LE OS.

This issue should be resolved in the next website build:

Is there a link to the removed/archived LE OS build guide for 845c please?

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