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Is OpenCL supported

Do you know if dragonboard 820C supports OpenCL in Debian OS
If yes, would you please let me know how to make it available step by step.

The best reference I can find about it is this from 2 years ago;

From what I understand, the opencl support in mesa is set up in a hardware-agnostic manner, so it may work with freedreno. From what I understand, it must work with llvmpipe, however, that will do the work on the main CPU instead of the GPU.

If it is working on CPU only, then OpenCL is useless for me.
My application needs a fast image processing capabilities and without lots CPU usage.
So the only way to reduce the CPU usage is to use DSP

I didn’t say it was working on cpu only. I said that the mode that works on cpu definitely works. The mode that works on GPU may work, but I have no information on that beyond the links I’ve provided.

sorry for my misunderstood.
Thank you for your clarifying