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Default HDMI mode

I have an LG HDMI monitor (24MP77), whose default native resolution is 1920x1080.

In Raspberry Pi to get the HDMI output working, I use to edit /boot/config.txt : hdmi_group=1 & hdmi_mode=4 and set the HDMI to resolution.

How can I pass similar kernel arguments in debian/linaro for the dragonboard ? Is this the solution ? rebuilding kernel?



the ‘standard’ DRM/KMS methods will work, as per

especially the ‘video=xxx’ method in bootargs. You don’t need to rebuild the kernel, but simply change the bootargs.

I had started this wiki some time ago for a specific use case:

Someone should document (Akira: can you look into that?) the video=xx method. At least if you combine the archlinux link above and my wiki, you should be able to do it (the wiki has instruction to change bootargs without recompiling the kernel)

Thanks @ndec for the prompt reply. Will give a try.