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Multiple Monitors on Hikey 960/970 AOSP?

How can I have multiple monitors(three), non mirrored on hikey 960/970?

You might be able to do it with something like this;

Note that you CAN’T use the DSI and HDMI at the same time, since the HDMI is connected to the same DSI with a bridge chip.

If you can get a Dragonboard 820c, they actually have dual display output capability.

Other options are; (1) USB display – in theory, I’m not aware of what it would take in terms of drivers to make one of those works, (2) various network solutions, like Wifi display or something similar to chromecast.

Also, you’ve posted in the hikey section. I’d suggest that it would be more appropriate to post in the hikey960 or 970 sections.

Appreciate your detailed reply. Maybe I will look into USB displays, not able to get any work so far.

Thank you.


Looking to drive multiple screens ( mostly 3), non mirrored screens from Hikey 960. How can I do that? do USB-HDMI converters work, where can i find the driver for it. Any suggestions?

Thank you

You shouldn’t have to re-post to get a thread into the right forum… there’s a pencil next to the thread title to allow you to fix it (and I think the original poster gets edit permission). I’ve rejoined the threads.