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Lemaker HiKey: incorrect and outdated documentation links


I just received my LeMaker HiKey board in the mail today. I’m excited about using it.

I’d like to report some issues I had finding the correct documentation for the board that I think could be improved for future users.

Issue 1. The board ships with a helpful reference card labeled “Instruction Manual”. However, this card refers the user to, which does not exist.

To fix this for now, the page could be created and have a link to LeMaker’s chosen landing page for HiKey. Future versions of this reference card should be fixed with a working link.

Issue 2. The product page on has a “Quick start link” which points to However, this page is out of date as the getting started content has moved.

To fix this, the updated page,, should be used instead.


Not sure if there are any reps from LeMaker on this forum. You might get a better response from