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Questions for classic bluetooth capabilities

Hi All,

I am new to using qualcomm dragon board and currently i want to evaluate it for a task

I am interested in controlling it for classic bluetooth functionality

  1. is their a sdk and api list for this
  2. does it support classic bluetooth (profiles a2dp, hid, hfp,avrcp)
  3. what is the interface to control the device , is it android framework level commands, or lower layer apis also available to control , example set device as a2dp source

Looking forward to communities help

Thanks and Regards,


Hi @rahulbansalmit,

The Bluetooth is one of the great feature of 96Boards.
I personally do not have much BT devices.

Have you tried installing Debian and use BlueZ?

These are some links.
Installing Debian image.

The page of using BlueZ on Debian.

Hi Akira,

Thanks for the reply.

Actually i wanted to first know what are the different interfaces to control BT

  1. Is the typical environment to control BT, WIFI through Android framework? By this i mean , are there any lower level modem API’s also that are exposed to control the device?

  2. I didn’t find any SDK on how to get start programming with the dragon board. So wanted some details on the same. One option is through the android framework, so i guess we need to build a android app to do it. Second option as you suggested might be to put Debian and use Bluez. Is there any other interface , like lower level modem API. I am assuming that if lower level API are exposed , we would have more control over BT, WIFI

Thanks in advance for the reply,

Thanks and Regards,


For “pure” Android application development you need to use the Android development environment and I think this probably limits you mostly making to RFCONN links (so good for self-built hardware). You can also rely on the built-in support for things like HID devices and A2DP headphones (e.g. you can’t drive the low level layer directly but you can stream sound to them).

However… you do also have the source! That is far more powerful than any SDK.

If you really want to do low-level BT work on Android/DB410c then you can build from source and add new features to the platform itself (using the existing features for reference on how to do it).