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Can the Ultra96 be a central bluetooth device?

I need to connect the Ultra96 v2 to a bluetooth device (a BT speaker) so the BT in the Ultra96 needs to be a central device. Is that possible? Is there any example project around?

Hi there i think you are looking for this page

To detect near by bluetooth you need to run the command:

hcitool scan

Where does it say hcitool is for central devices?
The ATWILC3000 datasheet states it supports Bluetooth central mode, so I would expect the driver does as well. A explicit confirmation would be good, as a number of times I found things weren’t as expected.

The RPi 3 B has a Cypress CYW43438 and can be a central device and connect to BT speakers, that´s what I´m after. So, maybe it´s possible. I’d appreciate if anyone points me to an example of ultra96 connecting to BT devices (with ultra96 being central).

AFAIK, ‘central role’ is a BLE term (not legacy bluetooth), and for audio I assume you want to rely on legacy BT with A2DP profile. You should have a look at There is nothing specific to ultra96.

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Thanks for the link and clarification

Heh, just to throw a wrench into some assumptions…

I wouldn’t be spending much time or effort on anything bluetooth audio related at the current time. Not with LE Audio around the corner promising to make classic bluetooth audio obsolete.

Note: I cannot answer whether or not existing bluetooth LE devices can be software upgraded to support LE audio.

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that’s a good point…