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Gcc on db4 does not produce executable binaries

compiling helloworld with gcc on the db4 board is not executable.
crosscompiled on the pc with eclipse and a toolchain with target ARMV8 works at once.
can you provide a working gcc to compile stuff on the board itself ?
ie. host armv8 and target armv8 ?

The compiler works well on DB410C. How did you get your current compiler and what happens when you try to use it?

try it your self. just get the Helloworld.c sample and compile in the board using the provided gcc.
it compiles and there is a new executable. but it you cant’t start it. permissions are ok and it is set to executable. not from the commandline nor from pcmanfm. not as user linaro nor as user root.

i assume this gcc on the board compiles a binary for another processor architecture.

The same c source used on the toolchain on my pc for ARM with eclipse produces a binary that is executable when it is transferred to the board.
And now ?
can you send me a working sample with the commandline you used to compile the sample ?

Can you share version information for the compiler and operating system you are using. Also complete build logs and run file on the generated binary.

After some investigations I found out
it seems that there was a wrong software on the board.
with the right image things work !
Thanks !