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Dragon Board doesn't start

I recently bought a DragonBoard. I tried to start it up just a few days ago, using an appropriate power source, but the board doesn’t seem to do anything: no lights switch on at all.

I tried to wait, press the power button, hold the power button, buy another adapter, but nothing.

What should I do?

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Try to use multi pin laptop charger. right now i am using Multi ping laptop charger.

Check the below url for more details:-

Thanks, but that’s what I’m already using. I tried 2 different ones with no success.


Hello, try to use a voltmeter and see if you power on these 2 pins 37 and 39. you should get around 4.95V

Alse the pin selectors on the back must be 0-0-0-0

Hi Skybax,
thanks. Unfortunately I get 0.0 V .

P.S. I tested the voltmeter and it works.

Even if I measure on the pins just after the power jack, I still find 0V (of course if I try on the power source I get 9V if it’s set to 9V)

With it plugged in to a power source ~12V @ 2A, bring up terminal on Debian. (I use ~14v)

dmesg -w

Plug in USB OTG port to the host / computer.

Any response in dmesg?

Try again with the - & or + button held down.

Sounds like a dead board. All the boot switches set to 0?


Do one last test add and power the board on the 36 and 38 pins and see if that helps.

Hi @Skybax,
I get 0.00V there too.

Hi All,

I am porting marshmallow on DB410c board.

i followed this link,

Download the firmware blobs:

mkdir android/
cd android/
mkdir -p vendor/db410c
cd vendor/db410c
sh firmware-410c-1.2.0.bin
cd -
Build the image:

repo init -u -b android-6.0.1_r16
cd .repo
git clone -b android-6.0-db410c local_manifests
cd -
repo sync -j8
source build/
lunch db410c-userdebug
make droidcore -j8
cd out/target/product/db410c

Build is completed. i flashed the images to the board.

android text is displayed on the screen, screen got strucked.

Kernel is booting fine.(version is 4.4)

but system image has the issues.

I am always getting
init: Service ‘zygote’ is being killed…
[ 1134.808898] init: Service ‘zygote’ (pid 11014) killed by signal 9
[ 1134.808942] init: Service ‘zygote’ (pid 11014) killing any children in process group
[ 1134.831319] init: Service ‘media’ is being killed…
[ 1134.839706] init: Service ‘netd’ is being killed…
[ 1134.845154] init: Untracked pid 11184 killed by signal 9
[ 1134.849147] init: Service ‘netd’ (pid 11012) killed by signal 9
[ 1134.854389] init: Service ‘netd’ (pid 11012) killing any children in process group
[ 1134.860672] init: Service ‘media’ (pid 11013) killed by signal 9
[ 1134.867661] init: Service ‘media’ (pid 11013) killing any children in process group

The above logs are continuing in the loops

Hi @ramesh,
I think this doesn’t relate at all with my post.

My board doesn’t start at all, as in, not even the LEDs turn on.


Unfortunately it seems that you have a glorified paper weight

Hi @Riccardo,

Sorry, I posted at wrong place. I supposed to create new post.

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