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Google Play Store

Hi there,

Is it possible to install ( legally :slight_smile: ) google play store on HiKey?
Is possible could someone please share instruction.
In not is there any other way to install necessary software on HiKey, e.g. navigation apps, chrome browser, etc.


Hi @dzmitry

Currently 96Boards do not have the google play officially but we are hoping to have a progress in the future.

Could you please provide an ETA on it.


We are not sure about it unfortunately.

Actually, integrating Play Store functionality in your AOSP build is quite easy. And I guess if you do it for development purposes and don’t distribute your build it shouldn’t be illegal, as far as I know.

Hi Fonic,

Could you please share an instruction how to do it.

I’m not sure if 96Boards would like the instructions to be posted on their forum. I’ll only post instructions if they say it’s ok.

Hello Fonic,
Can you share instruction to us ?

I appriciate it.
Thank you …!

This is for research and development purposes only.

Installing Google PlayStore should be possible by using APK Mirror:

The basic steps are downloading the APK file and using the adb install <app.apk> command to push the file on the board and install it.

The following instructions demonstrate how to install Firefox on the board. You can adjust it to your Google PlayStore situation:

  1. Download the app

Firefox was ported to Android. Downloading the Firefox APK-file from Mozilla ensures somewhere, that the APK file is not malware.

More details and the download links can be found here:

  1. Install the app

The adb install <app.apk> command pushes the app on the device and installes it.

$ adb install
5326 KB/s (41968843 bytes in 7.694s)
	pkg: /data/local/tmp/