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Unable to Capture Large Size Image at 60Hz - <strong>dragonboard</strong> 820c - 96Boards Forum

Unable to Capture Large Size Image at 60Hz

Hi. We have a custom board that uses the Snapdragon 820 chip. We have an imx412 sensor module and can capture 10bit, w=4056 h=3040 at 20fps with 2 mipi data lanes. The sensor should be outputting 30fps, but we can only achieve 20fps captured. We probed the mipi clock and it is about 615 MHz.
We then tried capturing with 4 mipi data lanes. The imx412 should be outputting 60fps. We can capture, at most, about 20fps.
Is there a limitation on the snapdragon820 that limits the number of bits that capture can handle? I think there is a size limitation at a certain rate (4k @30fps). Could this be what I am seeing?