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AGL on DragonBoard845c (Qualcomm® Robotics RB3 Development Platform)

Hi All,

I’m pretty much a hardware noob, but leading a production project, so please excuse my ignorance.

  1. Is there any reason why the Qualcomm® Robotics RB3 Development Platform / Thundercomm TurboX™ D845 SOM + Communication mezzanine is an incompatible development board for Automotive Grade Linux (AGL).

  2. Are there any information resources available for setting up the meta-layer for AGL with this board? Or perhaps the contact information of someone I could pay to create the meta layer.

Thank you all very much!!
P.S. @Mani, thank you for all the AGL blog posts.

Hi James

I can’t see reason that would make DB845C a bad platform to run AGL on.

There shouldn’t be any need to start from scratch. AGL is built on
OpenEmbedded meaning you should be able to take a BSP from an
alternative OpenEmbedded distro as a baseline (meta-qcom for example).
There might be a few tweaks needed (especially if there is version skew
between AGL and the BSP layer) but I would not expect much.

BTW if you do adopt meta-qcom I would recommend running Linaro
OpenEmbedded RPB 19.09 before you check things out with AGL. This allows
you to check for any kernel features you need that might be missing and
you (or anyone you contract to help you) can work in parallel on kernel
features and the distro engineering.

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there was some community work to enable DB410c within AGL in the past. That was done with meta-qcom back then.

This blog explained how to reproduce:

but it looks like db410c is still listed on AGL wiki as ‘community platform’:

you might want to give that a try with 845c instead…

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@danielt, @ndec, thank you both very much! This is great info, and very helpful.

I just received the RB3, I am looking forwards to development towards production. Thank you all for your support, and info.

hi @James, nice! By the way, I met with some AGL folks last week (at conferenence) and mentioned this new Dragonboard. They would be interested to merge support for db845c… if you get anywhere, please reach out to them and/or send them a patch!

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Will do! Once I get to a point where I can contribute, I definitely will.