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How to boot Android using SD card

Hi All,

I am very new to Dragonboard 410c. I have following files.


I want to create a bootable SD card. So I can plug that SD card in to dragonboard and boot it

Any help or pointer would helpful.

Thank you,

This is still being worked on.

See here for background info:

See here for work status:

hi @vchong,

is there any update?

@TsanChao? Update regarding what?

The main instructions to generate the SD card are here:

i could be wrong… but I don’t think it is possible to boot Android from SD card. My understanding is that it would require some changes in the Android init scripts which directly mount/use the eMMC block device (at least).

the instructions to boot from SD card on github/wiki are for regular Linux distro (not the QCOM Android builds).