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dragonboard 820c SPIdev Issues

I’ve had an issue when trying to follow the walk through below:

I have verified that /dev/spidev0.0 exists on my board and that spidev is active by running a lsmod command. However, whenever I try to run the spidev_test executable my entire screen freezes, then the board powers off. Has anyone encountered something similar before?

I am running the command to launch the program as root, this is what I’m inputting into the command line:

./spidev_test -CHOv -D /dev/spidev0.0

You have a uart cable for debug? Output would help.
What kernel are you running?

I’m running a custom debian kernel that I compiled to make sure the spi driver was enabled. I don’t have a uart cable but I can easily grab one.

“custom debian kernel” So what does that mean? I’m asking you for the version and what source repository you found it in, and what changes you made to it.

The uname -r command returns the following:


The source repository I got from a company called Intrinsyc, the name of the source directory for building the kernel is 8096_Open-Q_820_Linux_BSP-Debian_v3.1.1

That kernel is published by intrinsyc. If you need support for that, you will need to contact them.

What you will find here is support for upstream kernels from, and those published by Linaro.

Do you actually have a dragonboard 820c? Or is it some other board that happens to have the same soc?

The current kernel from Linaro is based on upstream 5.7. much newer than what you have been playing with.

It is another board that has the same soc.

Ahh okay didn’t realize how outdated this kernel is, good to know!

Being your thread, you should be able to edit it to add the “custom board” label. That will let people know that you don’t actually have a db820c, but something that has some things in common. Otherwise people can make assumptions that aren’t valid for you.

Good point thank you, will try to change the tag now.