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Hikey boot Problem


I have a problem with my hikey board.
I’m using an SD card to boot from but but the hikey boot from the SD card only when it is ““cold””.
Or the board will be blocked on "UEFI firmware (version …"
So I have to wait for several minutes until it works again.

Any idea ??

Best Regards,

Hi, I am also trying to boot from the SD card.
You said you “can” boot from the SD card only when it ls cold.
I also followed Xen’s wiki instruction(, but it doesn’t work.
I dd CentOS-7-aarch64.img to the SD card. Then where should I put startup.nsh and xen.cfg on the SD card??

I’m at the same point, following the same wiki page. I was able to determine that the file called startup.nsh should go in /boot/efi which you can access by mounting the correct partition after the dd command has been completed… ie

dd if=CentOS-7-aarch64.img of=/dev/sdc bs=2M conv=fsync && sync;

This command creates 4 partitions on the device, in my example, /dev/sdc is my microSD card

p1 = loader
p2 = /boot
p3 = swap
p4 = /root

you can mount each one with “mount /dev/sdc2 /mnt”, as an example ( of course, not the swap )

I mounted p2, and created a file in the efi directory called startup.nsh with the following in it:

Image console=ttyAMA3,115200 root=/dev/sda4 rootwait rw efi=noruntime

The example gives this:
Image console=ttyAMA3,115200 root=/dev/mmcblk1p4 rootwait rw efi=noruntime

and I’m simply making an assumption it will see the MicroSD as a “sd” styled device.

the root partition in a similar fashion would be then mounted like “mount /dev/sdc4 /mnt1”

But there is no indication where to get xen.efi, and if found, where on the mounted root fs it needs to go, as well as where the xen.cfg file is suppose to reside.

You can get “xen.efi” on path-to-xen-source-code/xen/xen/xen.efi
When you build xen, you can get “xen.efi”