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Lsusb not detecting dragonboard in linux

Hi Team,
My dragonboard is not detecting in linux when i enter lsusb command. Connected through micro usb and Type-A ports are not connected anywhere.Please help in this issue.

You mean when board has booted? which OS are you running? which USB device function have you enabled (serial, network) ?

Hi Loic,
Yes after the board has booted.I am using Debian developer version.
“which USB device function have you enabled (serial, network) ?”
I have not enabled this. Can you please advise how to get this done ?

Well that depends on what you want to do via USB?

Hi Loic,
I am trying to take adb over USB. But lsusb is not showing the board.

adb is an android thing, it does not something you can use with debian.
If you want a shell, simply connect a display, serial or connect over ssh.

Hi loic,
I have seen in some SDK’s of other boards the adb feature is included for linux versions. So I was trying to integrate this here. For eg:- QCS605 and QCS405 SoC’s of Qualcomm adb shell was available in the linux version from the SDK they have given. Why it is not possible here ? Please help.

The adb client will be available, not the server.

In other words, hook one end of the wire to your phone, and the other end of the wire to an A port on the DB410c, and you can connect to the phone.

ADBD does not make sense from a GNU/Linux perspective.