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Building the kernel to use PS4 controller - DragonBoard410c - 96Boards Forum

Building the kernel to use PS4 controller

Following my previous question about connecting a PS4 controller
, I am trying to rebuild the kernel with the specified options from selected.

I am using the instructions at:

I have built a kernel but it appears to still not to have functionality for the controller so I have a couple of questions that I can’t find the answer to.

I have used make menuconfig to configure the kernel. Is there a way to do this configuration by editing a text file?

For Step 6, Install modules, it says to copy over the directory. In my case it is the directory db410c-modules/lib/modules/4.14.96-01197-g8bdd343f96dc. However inside that directory there are links which become broken when they are copied to the DragoBoard.
Is there a way to specify the make so that the links are portable?


menuconfig generate the .config file, you can also edit it manually to check the requested config flags are correctly selected.

I suppose you try to copy it via a fat formatted USB stick (no symlink) support, it’s not a big deal, you can remove these symlinks (source and build) which are not used at runtime.

Then check your new kernel is in use (uname) and if you configured the bluetooth driver to be built as module(s) (=m), check they are correctly loaded with lsmod.