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Rock960 - Touch Screen Display configuration

I recently bought a 7" HDMI LCD Touch Screen Display. However when I plugged it into the Rock960, It just showed the “Rockchip Kernel” and then it wouldn’t show anything else. I know there’s nothing wrong with the board, since if I plug it to a 22" HD Samsung Monitor, the display works just fine.

Now, what I’m thinking there must be a config file that I should change so that the Rock960 board manages to display on the 7" Monitor.

Has anyone tried to plug an HDMI into the Rock960 and found success with it?

Any leads are appreciated.

Could you please attach dmesg output to check if there are errors reported?

Normally HDMI uses EDID display data to determine the best display resolution. e.g. On monitors and TVs that support 1080p this resolution will be selected. If 1080p is not supported the next available resolution reported by EDID will be used. but some monitors/displays have buggy EDID… you can check available ones with get-edid | parse-edid command.

how do I do this on the stock android os of the board

The resolution for the LCD(800x480) is too low, Android TV doesn’t support this resolution. 720p is the minimal for Android TV.

Is this dependent on the Android TV Version? If we somehow get an AOSP for Rock960 that’s a lower version (Android 6 for example), would it be able to support a lower screen resolution?

For the low level, the resolution is supported. It’s just the Android TV launcher only supports the “standard TV resolution”. We have the tablet version image which supports any hdmi resolution. Please wait for the build.

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It will be a great help if we can have the tablet build as soon as possible. Is there hope for the tablet build to be launched within the next day? We’re need it for a presentation and exhibit that we will have by July 15.

@Angelo_Villasanta : @hipboi has confirmed what I suggested to you via discord; that your display resolution is too low. This means that forcing the resolution should work for you.

Here is the thing; your display advertises a native resolution of 800x480, so the kernel will pick THAT resolution, which is too low for Android, but the HDMI converter chip on it will accept ANY reasonable (i.e., standard-ish) resolution that you throw at it. So all you have to do, is force the rock960 to output a higher resolution, which SHOULD be possible using the kernel parameter I suggested to you previously, i.e. video=HDMI-A-1:1920x1080@60e – or another resolution that matches the requirements, like (as @hipboi suggests as minimum), 1280x720.

If that doesn’t work, then you just add another parameter to override the display’s EDID: drm_kms_helper.edid_firmware=edid/1680x1050.bin – or a different resolution, which really should be the lowest possible that meets Android’s needs, and of the same ratio as your display, and is in the list of hardcoded EDIDs. Your display has a ratio of 1.67, and the hardcoded EDID with the closest ratio is 1680x1050 at 1.6.

Here is a good reference for you:

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Please check the following release:

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