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Compatible Mezzanine Products with Hikey 960/970


I am new to this community but have a question related to the available mezzanine products listed on the site. There are a variety of Mezzanine product boards that are listed and most all seem to support the Arrow Dragonboard 410c product but I am having challenges understanding which are also compatible with the HS pinout connectors on the Hikey 960/970?

I am not looking for any specific daughter/mezzanine card but browsing the functionality of those available and doing a bit of window-shopping. Essentially, I am looking for compatible Mezzanines so I can purchase them to have available for development should the need arise. You know, the proverbial buy it now, might need it later…

The whole purpose of the CE specification is that mezzanine boards built to comply with the CE specification are universally compatible with all SBC’s that are built to the CE specification.

Now of course, that is from a HARDWARE point of view, and not necessarily software. If software for a particular mezzanine is only available for one SBC, then it could be considerable work to get it working on a different board.

And occasionally, there will be a mezzanine board that implements functionality that is specific to a board. The “audio mezzanine” comes to mind, in that it makes use of the dragonboard-ONLY audio header, which is NOT part of the 96boards CE specification. HOWEVER, that particular mezzanine is still compatible with ALL CE SBCs for all non-audio functionality.

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Thank you very much for explanation and for getting straight to the nugget (Actionable answer); now I can address my options.

Thanks again.