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Introducing e-con's 5MP camera for Rockchip <strong>rk3399</strong> ! - 96boards - 96Boards Forum

Introducing e-con's 5MP camera for Rockchip rk3399 !

e-CAM50_CU96 is a 5MP Fixed focus MIPI camera for 96Boards compliant Rock960 developer kit featuring Rockchip rk3399 processor. This 4-lane MIPI Camera for Rock960 board is based on our popular low-light camera module, e-CAM55_CUMI0521_MOD which has 1/2.5" AR0521 CMOS Image sensor from ON Semiconductor® and a built-in Image Signal Processor (ISP). It has S-mount (M12) lens holder which allows customers to choose and use the lens according to their requirement.

  • 1/2.5" AR0521 CMOS Sensor
  • 2.2 µm x 2.2 µm Pixel BSI technology
  • Plugs into 96Boards compliant Rock960 board
  • Streams 1080p @ 60fps and 5MP @ 25fps

Know More:

I have a couple of friendly suggestions for your next revision of the board;

  1. Make the PCB larger and add drill holes that align with the mounting holes on the SBC.

  2. Another very easy improvement is to add a 2x20@2mm female header on the top of the board that is aligned with the low speed expansion header, this would allow additional low-speed-only mezzanine boards to be stacked over it.