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Next generation ultra96 with higher-end Zynq Ultrascale+ with transceivers


Are there any plans for designing/producing next generation of ultra96 modules with higher-end Zynq Ultrascale+ FPGAs that have PL with tranceivers e.g. ZU4EG and above?

We have used 96Boards mezzanine interface as interface to our product (6x SFP+ network device) but we would rather use a ultra96 off the shelf platform instead of custom module.


@fletch :slight_smile:

Hi Vladimir,
This is the first request like this that we’ve had. At this point, we do not have plans to create an ultra96 with higher-end ZU+ and PL transceivers. However, we do have other platforms like the that already have this, but it won’t have the 96Boards Mezzanine. We do have a design services group that does full customizations if you are interested in pursuing that avenue as well. You can email to start the conversation.


Hi Brian,

We would like to have an option with higher end Zynq Ultrascale+ FPGA so that we can seamlessly move to 10Gb (GTY transceiver) speeds by just changing the ultra96 with that option. In addition to the Spark v2 board and 1U enclosure we are developping secondary 96boards mezzanine cards that provide GPS synchronization, low-speed SFP+ interface signals conversion, sensors, etc.

So it would be great to enable 10Gb and reuse all that work. We want to keep the 1U form factor. We can’t do that with the ultrazed.